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The Treasure is Not Under Water and was Hidden in Two Trips / One Afternoon

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Ty Laughlin, Explorer, CO

17 September 2017


“When I said the treasure was not hidden in Utah or Idaho it was my plan not to narrow the search area further. But in the light of a recent accident, and in the interest of safety, I feel it necessary to alter that plan.

The treasure chest is not under water, nor is it near the Rio Grande River. It is not necessary to move large rocks or climb up or down a steep precipice, and it is not under a man-made object.

Please remember that I was about 80 when I made two trips from my vehicle to where I hid the treasure.

Please be cautious and don’t take risks.” – Forrest Fenn

And another closely related quote from Mysterious Writings with the additional words “and it was done in one afternoon”:

Also, you’ve mentioned on multiple occasions that it took two “trips” to secret the chest and contents to a very special place. Perhaps someone has already asked this, but I’ve not found an answer yet posted or video recording that contains an answer. Forgive me if this is redundant, but were both trips made on the same day/date? Not to be anal, but that would be one spinaroo of the giant ball we call Earth that constitutes a single 24-hour day to its humble inhabitants.

Thanks so much.
Kind Regards,

“Joe, you make this thing so complicated. Reminds me of the reason I don’t like meetings. I hope you don’t belong to a PTA someplace. I made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.f”


“Ron, your question sounds like a travelogue, but I’ll answer it. No, I don’t want to be that bold. But I will say that I walked less than a few miles if that will help. I just looked “few” up and one definition is “scant.” Why do I sound like I’m talking in circles? f”

Mav’s Analysis:

1. Even though we’ve read this hint many times, Bear, Ty, and I still sometimes forget it during a search. We find ourselves looking in pools under rocks at the edge of a river because the “treasure is wet.” Sometimes we convince ourselves it’s just over a steep incline, but after climbing it we realize there’s no way an 80 year man could have done it. A vast majority of theories and search areas can be eliminated by the aforementioned hint. It will save you time to keep this hint in the front of your mind.

2. The timeline is very important. Many searchers don’t want to acknowledge how quick and easy it was for Fenn to hide the treasure because it invalidates their solve. If Fenn did it in two trips to the car and one afternoon (12-6pm as a generous definition of afternoon), it’s likely not longer than 1 hour from car to hiding spot.

Here’s the math: 1 hour (trip 1 to the spot) + 10 min to hide + 1 hour (trip 1 back to car) + 1 hour (trip 2 to the spot) + 10 min to hide / bury? / cover? + 1 hour (trip 2 back to the car) = 4 hours 20 min.

At 80, that’s a hell of a day considering some altitude elevation was probably involved AND he was carrying a heavy treasure. We actually think it was more like 30 minutes from car to spot (most logical). At an average pace of 3mph, walking a “few miles” he could have done the entire trip in less than 2 hours.

3. Some have speculated the use of the word “car” over “truck” lets us know it wasn’t a difficult trail to drive down. It’s a good thought to remember, but I wouldn’t base your solve such minor semantics.

Stay safe, happy hunting.




Not all who wander are lost -J.R.R. Tolkein



Not all who wander are lost -J.R.R. Tolkein