Begin it Where Warm Waters Halt is the First Clue

Category: Clue

Barry “Bear” Melhorn, Researcher, GA

17 September 2017


“The first clue in the poem is, begin it where warm waters halt. That’s the first clue. If you don’t… if you can’t figure that clue out, you don’t have anything.” – Forrest Fenn


Original source: at the 9:30 mark

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Mav’s Analysis:


Many people debate if the first stanza is a “throwaway.” One thing is certain, whether FF meant to reveal it or not, WWWH is the first clue… the first stanza does not contain a clue.

Fenn tells us specifically that this is the first clue. “If you can’t figure that clue out you don’t have anything.” An important reminder in your quest for the treasure is don’t overlook the importance of this first clue.